Use of the mist blower M1200 for the prevention of COVID-19
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The period we are living is very particular, a difficult challenge for the whole world.

In the recent past, humanity has been confornted with several epidemics, perhaps even more lethal, such as ebola or avian influenza, but none has ever diffused as globally as coronavirus (Covid-19).

We are all committed facing this new “enemy”, who on the front lines such as doctors, nurses and all those who work in hospitals, to whom go our infinite thanks, other who stay a little more sheltered, following to government guidelines on staying at home and frequently applying common hygiene rules.

Also the prevention, through environment disinfection treatments, is an important aspect in the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19); the Cifarelli M1200 mist blower is a suitable tool for this purpose, both externally but also inside large rooms such as industrial plants.

Let’s not forget that there are many industrial sectors that “cannot” stop, because their outputs are fundamental, think of those who produce food, pharmaceutical material, fundamental public services such as electricity, gas, water or oxygen, which are necessary today for the survival of all hospitalized people.

Many of these sectors (food, pharmaceutical for example) have sanitation as a corporate standard, others face it today in an emergency.

For correct sanitisation, however, it is necessary to know which products to use for the treatment, their concentration (that is how many liters of water I have to dilute the product) and how to perform the treatment.

Which products to use and how to dilute them?

The products that can be used are based on bleach / chlorine, solvents, 75% ethanol, peracetic acid and chloroform.

The products have many commercial names; some of the products that have been indicated to us by technicians as effective for the treatment of disinfection of areas against COVID-19 are listed below:

    Composition: Aminopropyldodecylamine 1,65 g.
    The preparation of the disinfectant mixture (how much product in how many liters of water) is:
    15 ml (milliliters) of product SUREDIS VT1 in each liter of water.
    Composition: N, N-didecyl-N, N-dimethylammonium pure chloride (product based on pure dimethylammonium chloride).
    The preparation of the disinfectant mixture (how much product in how many liters of water) is:
    20 ml (milliliters) of product prodotto BRA-NEWSAN in each 10 liters of water.
    Composition: N- (3-aminopropyl) – N-dodecilpropan-1,3- diamine: 7 g
    The preparation of the disinfectant mixture (how much product in how many liters of water) is:
    15 ml (milliliters) of products AMMINOREX in each liter of water.
    Composition (100 gr): dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 10 gr + Chelator Na4 EDTA 0.25 gr + scots pine 0.6 gr.
    The preparation of the disinfectant mixture (how much product in how many liters of water) is:
    100 ml (milliliters) of product PLURISAN in each 10 liters of water.

NB: the compatibility of the treatment with systems and materials on the site must be checked before proceeding.

I have a mist blower, what do I do?

Of course we recommend the use of Cifarelli mist blower, but we want to give you general indications also for the use of machines you already have.

In disinfection treatments do not install the spreader to widen the jet.

The mist blower is normally endowed with a two-stroke engine, so the fuel to run its engine is a mixture of petrol and oil. Prepare the fuel mixture and refuel.

Pour the product to be used for disinfection into the liquid tank of the mist blower.

You are ready! Before starting, however, read below for your safety and that of others.

What should I do before starting a treatment?

The operator using the machine must be adequately protected by wearing
the appropriate PPE (Personal Safety Equipment): work overalls espiratory system protection mask, glasses with lateral protections, chemical resistant protective gloves, boots or shoes rubber and hearing protection

Before starting the treatments make sure you are alone, nobody must stay in the area to be sanitized.

As already mentioned, the mist blower is endowed with a two-stroke engine and therefore emits exhaust gases: it is important to know that it is possible to treat inside large rooms; have the prudence to open doors and windows before accessing them for treatment and to leave aerated the room after performing the disinfection.

I’m ready, how do I proceed?

Now you can start the disinfection treatment:

Start the mist blower.

We recommend positioning the flow regulator in order to have the maximum liquid outlet.

Accelerate the engine to the maximum, that is, fully press the throttle lever on the handle.

The treatment must be performed at a minimum distance of 3 meters from the area to be sanitized.

Swing the throwing tube from right to left, however, remembering that the speed of the treatment must be appropriate to the distance to be treated: the more distant the area, the more you have to insist with the tube directed towards the target so that to allow the flow of air and liquid to reach the surface.

Remember that the mist blower (in the case of Cifarelli machines)
allows optimal treatment up to 9/10 meters in height (reaches 14) and horizontally, where it is important to cover all surfaces.

The air also carries the liquid into the cavity.

Have a good job.

Here follows there are the links to two videos that show what is described:

Flow regulator and throttle lever:
(in the video the flow regulator is positioned on the notch 5; keep turning the regulator to the right to position it on the “+” notch).

Use of the mist blower M1200:

Technical characteristics of the machine

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