Unboxing the M1200 mist blower
Claudio Percivalle

Congratulations for your purchase: you have just bought a Cifarelli mist blower M1200, a professional machine to perform pesticide treatments (insecticides or fungicides), with liquids or powders.

The M1200 model combines the high quality standard with ease of use; if you properly execute the scheduled maintenance, this tool is designed to last.

Do not worry, I will not bore you with a list of all the instructions for mounting the machinery (largely detailed in the manual of use and maintenance), but only show you what you will find in the packaging, providing you with a short sequence of steps for assembly.

Upon opening the box, the machine and its parts will be shown as below:

Unboxing M1200-1

Take out of the box the mist blower and all components:

Unboxing M1200-2

  1. M1200 Mist blower
  2. Flexible pipe
  3. Elbow
  4. Throwing pipe with spreader
  5. Wide spray jet
  6. Bottle to prepare the mixture
  7. Spanner bag

The spanners bag contains:

Unboxing M1200-3-BIS

Let see now briefly the sequence of steps to follow for assembly the M1200 mist blower.

Unboxing M1200-4

  1. Insert the elbow into the fan covers of the mist blower.
  2. Fix it with the two screws and the two nuts that you found in the spanners bag, by using the hexagonal key, in the spanners bag too.
  3. Insert the two clamps present in the spanners bag at both ends of the flexible hose, without tighten them.
  4. Insert the flexible hose on the elbow; tighten the knob of the clamp on the left.
  5. Insert the handle on the throwing pipe and lower the block lever; tighten the fixing screw of the handle only with the lowered lever (there is a suitable hole for the passage of the tool); if you tighten it with the lever in up position you could tighten too much the screw; when you will lower the lever you could force it a lot and break it.
  6. Insert the two transparent hoses on the handle as shown in the panel A.
  7. To get a wide exit, insert the wide spray jet on the spreader.

Your mist blower is now ready.

It is important to find the correct position of the machine in order to work comfortably with the mist blower. Its weight must be properly balanced on the shoulders, especially if you work in rough terrain; once you put the mist blower on your shoulders, adjust the length of the shoulder straps so that the machine is well bound in the back and shoulders.

Unboxing M1200-5

The correct position of the shoulder straps is shown in panel A; pull the tape as shown in box B to tighten the shoulder straps; to loosen the shoulder straps, lift the buckle with the movement as in box C.

Before starting to work, I recommend you to try the machine with pure water in order to find the best position for you and the correct balance.

Also move the handle, without using any tool, but simply lifting the locking lever; slide it on the tube and tilt it as you like; when you are comfortable, lower the lever.

Unboxing M1200-6

Anyway, for a proper use of the machine, you should read all information described in the manual of use and maintenance that you found in the tool bag.

I remind you that the bottle supplied helps you to prepare the mixture (petrol + oil);

you could possibly read the article of this blog: Proper use of the mixture

Now you are ready to use your new mist blower.

When you perform the treatments is very important to respect the recommended doses and carefully follow the instructions for a correct use of the products used: in some cases, a high concentrated dosage may damage your crop.

At the end of your work, the package of the chemical product must be properly disposed of.  Simply follow the instructions on the container label.

Do not forget to protect yourself during the treatments it is important to wear a mask for airway protection, safety glasses, hearing protection systems, gloves, work boots and do not do treatments in severe wind conditions.

Remember that your mist blower can also be used as a blower: pour a little water (1 or 2 liters) in the tank of the mist blower equipped with booster pump and / or filling pump.

Have a good work!



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