The ULV system
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The mist sprayer Cifarelli can be equipped with the accessory ULV spreader (reference code 0G.104.00): it is a system that is used both to calibrate the quantity of product dispensed, both to obtain drops with a diameter smaller than 70 microns.

In fact ULV is the acronym of the words Ultra Low Volume; with this system it is possible to reduce the volume (size) of the drops during treatment (this can vary from 38 microns to 65 microns, according to the nozzle used), while with the standard spreader supplied with the mist sprayer, the average diameter is about 90 microns.

In public health the ULV system is particularly suitable for the disinfestation of structures, such as schools, hospitals, food companies, etc. where the small size of the droplets allows to penetrate the porosity of the walls.

In agriculture and gardening is recommended for all applications which require a careful dosage of the product: the quantity of liquid dispensed does not depend by the tap on the throwing pipe but by the nozzle used; the ULV spreader is equipped with 3 calibrated nozzles, each one with a different diameter of hole (1 mm, 1.25 mm and 1.5 mm) which corresponds to a different liquid flow rate.

In the table below you find the flow rates of the 3 nozzles included in the ULV system and other 2 optional nozzles (having the diameter of the hole 0,8 mm and 2 mm).

It is strongly recommended the use of the ULV system with the mist sprayer equipped with the booster pump (models M3PSA and M3PSRA) which guarantees an uniform flow of distribution, because without the booster pump (model M3A), the product exits by gravity. It is necessary to grant the uniform flow rate due to the small size of the drops.

Beside the ULV system allows to treat with a more concentrated mixture (up to 17 liters for treating a hectare, depending on the type of cultivation and conformation of the ground) it is necessary to ensure uniform and precise flow rate.

How to assemble the ULV system ?

  • Assemble it replacing the standard spreader.

  • Connect the transparent hose A to the rear of the ULV system.
  • Insert the ULV system on the throwing pipe.

How to change the calibrated nozzles ?

  • Unscrew the cap B to remove it. To stop the rotating group, use a finger to keep the fan.
  • Use the hexagon D placed in the cap to unscrew the calibrated nozzle E.
  • Assemble the desired calibrated nozzle and screw it with the hexagon on the cap.
  • Screw the cap on the ULV group.

It ‘s important to remember that an incorrect use of the mist sprayer equipped with ULV system may be harmful for the crops; in fact the product distributed is concentrated and composed by very small droplets, hardly visible; an operator not used to the ULV system could cause an overdose of the product.

Please respect the local laws regarding the distribution and handling of the chemical products.

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