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Claudio Percivalle

In this period anyone walking through the country roads that run along the olive groves, would see many people working near the trees, intent “to shake”, “to waggle” and “beat” the branches. We are in October and the harvest of the olives has started (or it is going to start depending on the country). There are either different methods of harvesting and different machines to be used: a pneumatic or electric knock down, the comb, the shaker or a stick…   (…well maybe this method was used in the past). The Cifarelli SpA produces the shaker for professional use since 1998, furthermore our Company believes that this is the most effective cost / performance ratio for the olives harvest. The machine is attached to the branch that has to be shaken. The special hook, which gives the correct stability of hold, was designed to avoid damages to the plant or its buds and to avoid to affect the productivity for the following year.

The Cifarelli SC800 Shaker is the result of a long experience in this field: if used at the right time of maturity, you can collect up to 2000/4000 kilos a day, with a fall of 90-95% of olives (…How many olives could gather daily, our fathers or our grandparents?).

How does this shaker works?

The machine is equipped with a two-stroke engine; the gearbox transmits the rotating movement of the driving shaft to the rod on which a hook is fixed The machine has to be worn more or less in the same way as you wear a guitar, using a shoulder-strap on the left shoulder; pressing the accelerator, the bar starts waving and transmits the vibrations to the branch (around 2000  knocks/m) inducing the fall of the olives; The rod may reach a length of 3 meters  (with telescope rod) to reach the highest branches; the hook  is covered with a rubber material in order to save both the bark and the branches from injury;   the olives are dropped on the nets and then collected.

The shaker SC800 is equipped with a patented dampening system that minimizes the vibrations transmitted to the operator. The strength and reliability of the shaker SC800, together with its yield, make this machine well appreciated by the most demanding growers and contractors.  As a result of its experience  the Cifarelli has designed the model SC105. This machine, with a weights of anly 10.8 Kilos (compared with 14.9 Kilos of the  SC800), was created for semi-professional use and to meet the needs of those who prefer the light weight and a comfortable use.

Compared to the “elder model SC800” the results of the harvest might be slightly lower, depending on the kind of olives.

Claudio Percivalle

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