The off-season maintenance of the machine
Claudio Percivalle

The cure of gardens and green areas, phytosanitary treatments, anticryptogamics and antiparasitic to trees and crops, the harvesting, are seasonal activities that in this time of year are not carried out.


This is the best time to go to the service center for performing the maintenance of your machines.

Why bother about machines currently unused? The advantages are numerous:

  • The stop of the machine at the service does not affect your work;
  • who performs the job can do it with calm and therefore in more accurate way, not being burdened by the seasonality of the machines of which he takes care;
  • your machine will be ready and perfectly functioning when you need it.


We believe, although some users already know the benefits of an off-season service, dealers and repairers may encourage them with targeted actions, it is known that users tend to ignore the machine when not immediately needed.

A method to encourage the customers is to offer discounts on repairs and maintenance. Also they could offer control packets (such as check up) at a fixed and known price.

The advantage for the service center is remarkable because in this way the workload is redistributed more homogeneously over the year, limiting accumulation in early season when users start to use the machines, and they realize they do not work.

Off-season scheduled maintenance also helps to prevent problems / breakages that may occur during the use of the machine, avoiding the consequent loss of valuable days of work.

We remind you, however, to entrust your machines only to authorized repairers; if the maintenance is not performed correctly, it could cause damage to your machine and lead to unsafe working conditions.

Claudio Percivalle

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