New V1200S vacuum for the collection
Rosalba Zagara

After the blower and the mist blower, the 1200 series is completed, for the existing machines, with the vacuum for collecting chestnuts and hazelnuts.

The previous V77 was a unique machine in the market, created almost in an artisanal way after the requests of some of our customers.

The V1200S born as an integrated machine in the new line of products, for more industrial and potentially higher production and as basis for future developments (at EIMA 2012 was presented a prototype of the leaf vacuum on wheels).

Most of the specific components like fan with its cover and fuel tank have been redesigned and have been  produced their molds.

Ergonomics has used the long research done for the entire 1200 series and is completely revolutionized, it changes the backrest and the whole system of handles and controls.

The result is a comfortable machine, easier to use and more reliable.

The V1200S is excellent to facilitate and speed up the collection of chestnuts and hazelnuts in shell such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios, acorns, plums and olives.


Even the performance, of course, has been improved, it has been increased the capacity of suction and the tube has a larger diameter.

The suction tube has a new fully adjustable handle, with throttle and controls and it is completely transparent and flexible throughout its length, this allows to check the work and makes it easy to handle.

The inner part has been optimized to protect the product and to separate the light material, while the new exhaust system is more comfortable than the previous one.

For those who use the machine on level ground and does not want to carry it on the shoulder will be available soon the new trolley for the transport.

Rosalba Zagara

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