Mist Blower M1200: first impressions
Claudio Percivalle

After a prolonged silence, here I am again.

The reason for my absence is mainly due to the visits that recently have made to our customers in the world, to present our new model of mist blower M1200 ((the machine that was awarded at the fair EIMA 2012)

Presenting the new M1200 I was able to collect the comments of those who have tried it for the first time and I can say, with absolute sincerity, that the impressions were very positive.

One of the most appreciated aspect by the users is the improvement of ergonomics; actually Cifarelli has invested a lot in the project to produce a comfortable machine to use, by studying the ideal barycentre and changing the position of attachment of the shoulder straps so that the atomizer is more balanced, burdening less on the shoulders of those who use it.


The operators have also enjoyed the almost complete lack of vibration during use, the noise of the engine with a lower tone, the backrest soft and curved, the corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, the rotating elbow, which facilitates the treatment during the applications with the tube in a vertical position.

One of the innovations which struck much is the new handle: not only the ability to easily adjust the position and angle without using any tool, but also the automatic opening and closing of the fluid flow connected to the accelerator: no more waste of product and no pollution to the ground.

During demonstrations was evident the greater volume of air (about 35% more than the series 3), which has allowed to increase the reached distance of one meter.

The mist blower is equipped with a flow regulator with 9 positions (more 3 intermediate positions between a number and the other) for greater accuracy in the calibration of the distribution; also each position is “snap” so as to avoid an adjustment approximate and subjective.

During the meeting with the mechanics, was particularly appreciated the unification of the heads of the screws; it is necessary only one tool to disassemble and reassemble the completely the machine.

Maybe my opinion is a little bit biased, however after seeing the enthusiasm that the new mist blower has caused to the professionals, I hope you will understand me; mainly because many of the changes that the mist blower M1200 contains are the result of suggestions and experience of those who use the machine every day.

Claudio Percivalle

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