A mist blower in family: what can I use it for?
Claudio Percivalle

In this blog we have always said that the Cifarelli mist blower is a professional tool to perform phytosanitary, anticryptogamics and pesticide treatments.

And who has the passion of the agriculture (maybe own a small land or a garden) or the hobby of gardening and then performs these activities in the spare time?

The mist blower is the right answer for those people who want to protect their plants and treat vegetables, hedges and green areas with a professional result.


Maybe in your vegetable garden until yesterday you have used a knapsack pump (manual or motorized) but be aware that the mist blower improves the protection of your crops and has less environmental impact. The product is prepared in more concentrated doses using a smaller amount of water and is distributed on the plants without dripping on the ground.

The liquid micronization in uniform drops and the air flow generated by the fan that moves the leaves, ensure consistent coverage on both sides of the treated surface  (I invite you to read the article “How to use the mist blower”).

If you have instead a small orchard, the Cifarelli mist blower can treat  vertically your trees, till a useful height of 12 meters with the M1200 model. You no longer need to use a ladder, putting at risk your safety, to protect your plants!

In the garden you can make quick treatments for shrubs and hedges, the large air volume of 27 m3 / min produced by our machine, lets penetrate the product inside the foliage.

The mist blower is also the fastest and most suitable tool to carry out pest control pesticides; for example, during the summer, to enjoy your green area, sometimes are necessary mosquito repellent actions (I know something as I live 3 km from the river Po); the product is nebulized in droplets of 0.1 mm so the operation is targeted and effective against these annoying insects.

Cifarelli Spa Atomizzatore Cifarelli M1200

It is possible to take advantage of its powerful flow air by using it as a blower, in autumn to group the fallen leaves or remove the cobwebs from eaves, garrets and from all the places where you need a ladder or an uncomfortable broom with telescopic rod.

The Cifarelli mist blower is a machine disegned and built for professional use, for hobby purposes is a faithful instrument that will accompany you for many many years.

Claudio Percivalle

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