Maximum distance and effective distance reached by the mist blower
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One of the important features of an knapsack mist blower is the distance achieved during the treatment.

This value is directly proportional to the power of the engine of the machine, the air volume and the speed of air which is generated: bigger are the air volume and the its speed and longer is the distance reached (because in the mist blower it is the flow of air that carries the product on the surface to be treated).

All constructors of knapsack mist blowers indicate the maximum range, that is the distance where arrive the last little drops of water (or product).

A very important value to know is even (and especially) the effective range: that indicates the distance where it is guaranteed an effective cover against diseases, insects, etc.

How this distance is measured?

During the test, pieces of hydro-sensitive paper are positioned at a distance of 1 meter each others; this paper, that is normally yellow in color, has the property to change color when hit by drops of water (becomes blue).

At the end of the test, with a special device it is checked to which piece of hydro-sensitive paper are present at least 30-40 drops / cm2 of treated surface (a lower number of drops would not guarantee an effective cover). You can read about the article Droplets diameter and treatment in our blog.

The last sheet of hydro-sensitive paper showing such coverage indicates the effective range.

The tests performed with our M1200 mist blower, demonstrate that the value of effective range is 13 meters, while the value for the maximum range is 18 meters (horizontal).

The values ​​were measured by removing the wide spray jet (with the shape of a truncated cone inserted at the end of the throwing pipe): in fact the wide spray jet serves to widen the exit, useful for treatments to soil (vegetables, rice, etc..), in rows (grapevine, tomatoes), trees with a height of up to 6-7 meters, but to get the maximum results in distance is appropriate to remove it (widening the outflow causes a reduction in air speed).

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