Kit for powders,granulars and rice for 1200 series
Claudio Percivalle

The sprayer Cifarelli M1200 is a professional machine suitable to make nebulized treatments with products diluted with water, oils or in any case liquid solutions; till yesterday.

Starting from today, for the sprayer M1200 is available a conversion kit (ref. code 0G.346.00) to use with powder (sulfur ventilated), granular products  and even to spread damp rice (at 18%).

kit polveri-riso-granulari 1

The new kit is provided with a dedicated tank ,capacity of 27 liters.

Due to the conical shape, the tank is completely emptied.

Using machines of range 3 (above all during the treatment with granular) sometimes the tank didn’t emptied totally.

The greater air volume generated by the sprayer M1200 respect to the range 3, allow to obtain an exceeding maximum throw, also by using powders.

Into the following table are indicated the data of flow and maximum capacity with the three usable products:

kit polveri-riso-granulari 2To assemble the kit on the model M1200 are necessary two minutes, but I will nnot bore you with technical assembling explanations, in the packaging you could find a booklet which describes, step by step the instructions, illustrating them.

While I believe it’s interesting to illustrate the use of the kit.

kit polveri-riso-granulari 3

The quantity of  dispensed producr is determined by the diameter of the bush inserted into the sleeve D.
With the kit are provided 5 bush of different diameters to have different flow rates.

During the treatment, with powder, granular or rice:

  1. To start the treatment rotate the handle toward left to open the valve which is present on the sleeve, position yourselves on the mark + (if you desire the maximum dispensing).
  2. To end the treatment, return to the initial position by rotating the handle toward right till reaching the stop of the rotations.

kit polveri-riso-granulari 4

It is possible to regulate the flow of the erogated product by selecting one of the 4 marks present between 0 (no provision) and + (maximum quantity).

kit polveri-riso-granulari 5


Into the kit is included a chain for machines’grounding; during the treatments with powders we recommend the use with this accessory.

In extremely dry places some parts of the machine may charge electrostatically: the operator can be affected by electrostatic charge.

With the chain you can avoid the inconvenience.

When using the sprayer with powder is always recommended to wear shoes with electrostatic dispersion.

It is not recommended to use pure sulfur to carry out the treatments because it is very flammable. The machine could catch fire.

Use ventilated sulfur mixed with 10% of lime.

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