Our made in Italy philosophy
Renato Cifarelli

Quality and production flexibility together with the innovation and a careful after-sales service: these are the principles that guide us.

The choice to keep our production in Italy and our collaborators


Our choice has always been “made in Italy“, both for production and our suppliers, in order to maintain the high quality standard and constant. We do not choose our suppliers only by the cost, but keeping in mind the service being offered, flexibility and co-design’s ability. Except specific cases, we try not to make use of suppliers in low-cost countries where often there are discontinuities in the quality level.

Just to ensure continuous improvement and consistency in quality, we put our trust investing in our collaborators, both in their training and professional growth, trying to create a work environment as pleasant as possible.

We also giving for granted health and safety standard at work, that we keep at the highest levels.

Fortunately, we have a very limited turnover, which is also indication of a good working environment that allows our employees to gain an extensive professional experience.

Our internal production

Plastic production

Other choices we made to ensure the maximum quality control, combined with production flexibility, are those to keep within the production of plastic, which also allows us experimenting with advanced materials and mechanical working within the company.

The components

We consider capital the choice of components: we use the best Italian and European producers to manufacture the parts for our machines. We produce high-performance engines that are placed on the Italian and international markets, reflecting the high-level tradition of the Italian engineering industry.

Names such as Ferrari, Ducati, Guzzi, Aprilia are known worldwide for their productions and achievements, even in sports. Many parts suppliers are the same for us and these famous companies.

It may sound sentimental, but we strongly believe in the values that our company shares with our territory and Italy. And, leading a Company,  we strongly feel the sense of social responsibility.

Renato Cifarelli

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