Trip to south america
Claudio Percivalle

I am here again.

This time I will not “bore” you with an article about technical aspects of our machines, but having just returned from a trip to South America (a business trip of course…), I would like  to share the sensations I feel during a similar experience.

The countries that I visited this time are Colombia, Peru and Bolivia; first of all I would like to thank our distributors for the wonderful hospitality received.

When I visit one of our costumers, my tasks may be different, from the meeting with the mechanics to talk about technical aspects of our machines and related problems that may emerge (fortunately, very few) to the illustration of the characteristics of our devices to dealers.

But the part of the work that more excites me is the field demonstration. Normally the demonstration day starts with a car journey (to reach the meeting place) that may last from one to 4 or 5 hours, on roads that sometimes can be “uncomfortable” (the asphalt isn’t a constant presence).

However this allow me to enjoy the view of delightful landscapes, sometimes rich in vegetation, sometimes deserts, but always fascinating.   

Once arrived at the place of meeting, after ritual introductions and a few jokes to “break the ice”, I begin the demonstration of our machine, “Nuvola” mist-sprayer in this case, to the farmers.

It begins the moment of my work that more fascinate me; it doesn’t matter how many people there are, 5 or 50, during the demonstration I observe their looks trying to understand their thoughts about a “Hombre” who comes from Italy, with a skin too white for tropical sun and a very funny accent, while explaining the importance of 5HP power of our engine, the time saving with excellent coverage during treatment, the engine’s maintenance etc…

It seems to see them again… curious but afraid to ask any question…

Then I turn on the mist sprayer; their eyes become immediately more careful, what the Italian man was trying to explain (vertical treatment, long-range) becames more simple.

At the end of my demonstration, I ask if someone wants to try the machine… then a farmer approaches, hesitant at first but then, with the machine on shoulders, increasingly more and more convinced and decided.

When the first bold leans the machine on the ground, then… ”I want to try it”, “… then I too”, and starts all the questions that once seemed “frozen”.

The field demonstration is not only a flow of information with only one direction (from the technician to the potential users); it is also important to pay attention to their demands, to listen to their needs to communicate them upon my return to Italy, to realize a machine as close as possible the needs of the users.

At the end of the meeting, usual photos with everyone and the machine in foreground, handshakes, requests to meet again “next time” (who knows…) and then, go…  to another demonstration, other hours of travel, other faces, other handshakes.

Claudio Percivalle

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