Use of the pipes of the blower
Claudio Percivalle

In the town where I live it’s time of pruning and of maintenance of trees.

During these days I saw several times some professionals, at the end of their job, to clean the soil by using a blower as a…. sawed-off shotgun!

Generally, backpack blower users assemble only one air outlet pipe, working at a distance of about half a meter from the ground, perhaps because they consider it more comfortable? Lighter?

The Cifarelli’s backpack blower (but also many of the competitors) is equipped with three air outlet pipes that must be fitted to bring the output terminal in contact with the ground.



First of all, using the blower with the air outlet near the ground, avoids to raise dust clouds, annoying especially for those passing around who is working.

Moreover, working “from below” is faster if you have to move heavy or wet leaves.

The Cifarelli’s backpack blower is more comfortable when used with the standard equipment, which includes three pipes and the curved terminal; in fact the latter is equipped with a hemisphere (easily replaceable) that allows to place to the ground the air outlet pipe, without getting tired to support it during use.

One of the standard terminals (the spherical one, recommended on the wet ground) has a “flap” like the cars, used to counterbalance the weight sensed by the operator caused by force of the air.

DSC_2710aFurthermore do not forget that the blower is designed to be used fully mounted; its use with pipes partially assembled, forces the engine to work with different parameters than those for which it was designed (one above all is the RPM of the engine) with possible consequences relating to the proper functioning and influencing the noise.

Claudio Percivalle

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