Replacing of the rope of the recoil starter
Claudio Percivalle

All the machines with recoil starter can be subject to a rupture of the rope of the starter. This is a problem that can be very unpleasant: you are in the field with your mist sprayer (or in the woods with your vacuum machine, in the garden with your blower, etc.), you have just refilled the fuel tank…. handle of the starter in your right hand … pull … and … tak … the handle remains in your hand … what anger!

What to do? You can address to our service centre or you can arrange by yourself for the replacement of the rope. In the second case, first of all you need a rope for the replacing (original, I recommend, bought at our dealer), a screwdriver with crosshead (you can use the tool supplied with the machine) and a fixed key of 8 mm; then you have to follow the procedure I am going to describe. As for the mist sprayer and blower series 3, to access to the screws of the box of the recoil starter, first of all remove the four screws A of the cover of the engine and the nut B near the spark plug cable.The same operation must be performed if the machine is a Vacuum V77. To be able to unscrew the nut B, in this machine, you have to shift the cooling tube.

Now  unscrew the 5 screws C that fix the box of the recoil starter.

In case the machine is a shaker, the screws C of the box of the recoil starter are 4 and they are immediately accessible.With the box in your hand, remove the broken rope from the pulley. Insert the new rope (the side without node) in the hole presents in the pulley.

Roll the rope in a clockwise direction around the pulley. Insert the end of the rope in the metal bush and get him out of the box.Now insert, until it exits from the other side, the end of the rope in the black handle.Make a knot at the end of the rope and insert it in the seat present in the upper part of the handle.

Now it is necessary to pre-charge the spring of the recoil starter; take the part of the rope inside the box (in the stretch from the pulley to the exit metal bush) raise it and, while holding the box, with the pulley execute two turns clockwise.About the operation I have just described, please watch the video.

The new rope has been replaced; assemble again the recoil starter in its seat and… Good work!

Claudio Percivalle

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