R&D by Cifarelli, the history of our innovations
Rosalba Zagara

Our company has always invested a considerable amount of its turnover in research and development, both in product innovation than of production and organizational.

All the design, since the birth of Cifarelli, is made within the company. In the establishment of Voghera (unique corporate headquarters) are carried out all the steps that lead to the creation of the machine, from design to finished product.

The company has an internal area of ​​research and development and since 1993 design in 3D (we have been one of the first in the sector); much of the innovation born thanks to the collaboration with our customers and distributors. In addition to the design of the components are almost always designed manufacturing equipment and workmanship.

In recent years, on average, we have filed at least two patents per year.

The story begins in 1967, when our founder and current president Raffaele Cifarelli, started in a small building in Voghera the production of knapsack mist sprayers, under the brand “Nuvola”, with an engine imported from Germany.


In those years, for a short period, we have also produced sprayers for tractors, where, for firsts, we have applied a fan system with freewheel.

The realization ensured greater safety for operators, by allowing to immediately stop the tractor, unlike competitive machines that, by inertia of the fan, pushed it even with the engine off. The production of the machine was not coherent with the company’s choices of specialization on small devices, with engine and light, was therefore terminated.


In 1974, with the inauguration of the new plant, always in Voghera, has begun the production of the knapsack mist sprayer engine. The company chose to position itself at the top of displacementy and quality to provide a powerful and professional product.

The current machine has nothing to do with that of the past. Materials and production technologies have evolved over time and the various “series” have succeeded one another with important changes and with the introduction of several innovations.

For example, we were the first to produce the filling pump and then the booster pump and the combined one (still exclusive of our company). We were also the first to produce the plastic fan thanks to the collaboration with a leading supplier of materials.

In the early eighties, with the expansion of the buildings, the company started the production of brush cutters, right away with a Cifarelli engine, which was interrupted after a few years as they had not reached an appropriate market share. Even in the brush cutter were introduced several innovations, such as the tank cooled (at that time many machines had problems arising from the mixture warmed).

It was also started the production of blowers with a model suitable for use in fire-fighting, which remained for many years a Cifarelli exclusive, with metal tank and fireproof materials.

Even today, we produce specific models with brand Piritec.

Was later born the vacuum V77S, the inspiration for the creation of the vacuum, came listening to a customer using our blower to amass chestnuts and complained that to pick them up from the ground it was necessary the work of many people.

In the nineties we started to print inside the plastic components to increase the quality of the product and we have equipped ourselves with machining centers for machining.  Even today we invest to increase the numbers of internally produced components to grantflexibility and quality at the highest level.

We pay continuous attention also to organizational innovation through the intensive use of information technology.

In 1998 the company won the “EIMA Technical Innovation” award for the shaker of branches for the olive harvest. It was a machine completely different from the existing ones, the way we build it then became the standard.

It was also the first shaker provided on the handle of a patented anti-vibration system, which allows to minimize the vibrations on the operator, this innovation led to a significant improvement of the ergonomic aspects of use with respect to the equipments that there was in the market.

In 2006 was born the silenced blower BL6S, its fan, covered by an international patent, has a special configuration that makes it very quiet. It is equipped with an innovative air circulation system that also uses the cooling one to obtain an excellent performance already at minimum and with very little noise.

The machine, fully faired, has a double cover of the noise abatement in absorbing material, and thanks to the special outlet system does not cause annoying air currents. The realization was rewarded in 2006 as “EIMA Technical Innovation.”

The experience of nearly 50 years of design, has led us in 2012 to the creation of the series1200. Even in this case, the Cifarelli SpA has won the “Technical Innovation” at the EIMA International Exhibition for model M1200, with the following motivation: “This implementation features various solutions that, both individually and as a whole, considerably improve its performance, comfort during use, reliability and ease of maintenance”

Lots of news for the new models, which relate to the performance, reliability and comfort in use.These are “modular” machines designed for the application of the accessories also by the end user. The greatest innovation on the mist sprayer is the the sealless magnetic drive pump, a patent Cifarelli.


 We also point the diffuser to regulate the flow of output liquids and the innovative design.

This year will begin the production of the vacuum V1200 that will set a new standard, even for a machine unique in the world, for ergonomics, use and reliability.

Rosalba Zagara

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