The vacuum machine to collect chestnuts and hazelnuts
Claudio Percivalle

In less than one month, from the second half of august, the harvesting season of hazelnuts will begin.

On the market, there are many tools to facilitate the work: sweepers, harvesters, self propelled, towed, rakes …

Cifarelli has been producing a vacuum machine for some years, unique on the market: thanks to more than forty years of experience in the production of professional back packed machines, the vacuum V77S is a machine specifically indicated for the collection of chestnuts, hazelnuts and fruits in shell in general (as nuts, almonds, pistachios, acorns, but also olives).

The V77S is equipped with the Cifarelli’s engine model C7 (the same assembled on the mist sprayers, appreciated in all the world) that,  developing 5 hp of power,  gives to the machine a very strong power of suction.

The semi-transparent suction pipe, in addition to allow the verification of the product in aspiration, permits to pick in upright position with the same yield  of three persons.

Furthermore the machine uses the patented aspiration system to separate the product from the leaves and light material, which are attracted  by the fan and expelled while the fruits, thanks to their weight, fall down directly into the tank; its emptying is carried out without removing the machine from the shoulders, depositing the collected almost completely clean.

In case the ground is particularly dirty, it is available the model V77SD which is endowed with a double cover that allows to open separately a double-bottomed, where the dirty is deposited and to open the cover for the emptying. This device has been studied in the way that the wastes and product have two different directions of exit.

The weight of 13 kg about (recently we have lightened the machine of about 1 kg), its ergonomics and the study on its balancing, make the V77S particularly suitable for the use in rough terrain and / or of difficult access.

It is available a  trolley (optional) to use the V77S on wheels where the ground conditions allow it; the trolley is equipped of two adjustable wheels so it can be used in not plain zones.

To facilitate the collect, the use with the trolley is recommended in combination with the extension tube (optional) up to a maximum of 5 meters.

The picking with the vacuum V77S can be prepared by using the blowers, which cleaning the ground and amassing in swaths, facilitate and make faster the operations of collect.

How to use the Vacuum?

  • The knapsack vacuum is placed on shoulders, adjusting the length of the shoulder straps, so that the machine is well adherent to the back and shoulders.
  • Always open throttle lever gradually until engine reaches the proper revolution before starting picking.
  • Working, regulate engine revolution depending on your needs, maybe it is not necessary to run engine at maximum revolution.
  • During the working don’t bend too much the intake pipe towards left, because the deformation of the flexible pipe will reduce the suction power.
  • Please check sometime through the transparent flexible hose that there are not any obstructions and the flow is regular.
  • If there are any clogging, to free it, accelerate engine to maximum speed and lift to vertical position suction hose.
  • Please try to pick up with and without the attachment to check the way that best fits your needs.
  • When the product reaches almost the level of the holes present in the tank, please empty the tank.

I remember you that our Vacuum is equipped with a two strokes engine and then it works with a mixture of gasoline and two strokes oli; I invite you to read the article published in date 24/02/2012 in this blog, together with the articles regarding the normal maintenance (air filter, spark plug, storage).

Because the machine works in very dusty areas is fundamental the maintenance of the air filter.

If the soil contains much silicon we recommend the use of filter paper with pre-filter to prevent rapid wear of the cylinder and piston.

Good collection.

Claudio Percivalle

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