Using the powder and granular kit
Claudio Percivalle

Untill today you have used your mist sprayer Cifarelli to carry out treatments with products diluted with water (or liquid solutions); you probably know that your machine, equipped with an accessory, can also work with the dust (for example sulfur ventilated). But perhaps many of you do not know that this kit (its reference is 0G27200), suitable  for the treatment with powder, can also be used with granular products such as fertilizers or to seed (for example rice).

The Cifarelli SpA, to satisfy the demands of their customers asking for the possibility to spread granular, three years ago has modified the device for the distribution of powder, making it effective even with granular fertilizer (having the maximum size of 4 or 5 mm).

How to trasform my mist sprayer in order to adapt it for the powder/granular treatments? The procedure is complicated?

You need only 5 minutes to assemble the kit in your mist sprayer, by following the instructions.

Unscrew the plug (A) and empty the liquid tank, cleaning and drying it from the remaining liquid.

Remove the sieve (B) from the tank and the connected hose (C); also remove the two plugs (D and E); if present, remove the two rings (D1 and E1) around the lateral bushes, by acting with a screwdriver with flat head, making leverage under the rings.

Insert into the liquid exit hole the plug (F) that you find with the kit for transformation to powders

Detach the hose (H) from the tap and pull the spray jet (I) with nozzle, in the way to remove them from the hose.

Disassemble the black flexible pipe (G) in order to approach the elbow.

Please keep all the pieces you have removed to be able to reconvert your mist sprayer in liquid functioning.

If your mist sprayer is endowed with a booster and/or filling pump (model PSA, PRA or PSRA), close the bush of brass (L1) presents inside the liquid tank with the deepest part of the black cap (L).

Take the white pipe (N) and insert it till the bottom of the bush and proceed in this way also for the black curved fitting (M) on the opposite side. Pay attention that the pipe (N) is placed into the black curved fitting (M), as shown in the picture.

Insert the pipe with blade (Q) in the elbow (P) as shown in the picture, following the sequence (1-2-3). To close the blade, press on the levers (R).

Reassemble the flexible black pipe (G) and the red pipe on the elbow (P) and tighten the clamps.

Your mist sprayer is ready for the treatment with powder and/or granular.

Before filling the tank, check that the product is completely dry and that is free of lumps, which would block the exit.

During the use it is possible adjust the flow of the product by acting the lever (T), moving it  on the right and on the left.

I recommend you do not use pure sulfur for treatment because it is highly flammable. Use only sulfur ventilated mixing it with a 10% lime.

Furthermore during  the treatments with powder, it is necessary to use the chain (reference 0G.190.00) because, in particulary dry environments it is possible an electrostatic overcharge of some parts of the machine that can be transmitted to the user. Using the chain avoids the inconvenient.

Remember:  using pure sulfur and without chain there is a high risk of fire.

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