The liquid doesn’t flow out when the spraying pipe is in vertical position
Claudio Percivalle

Have you never treated tall trees with your Cifarelli mist sprayer? What happens when you lift the spraying pipe in vertical? Does the liquid go out without any problems? Good, your Cifarelli mist sprayer works correctly. Sometimes however, the liquid doesn’t flow out once the spraying pipe is lifted. What’s happening? What is wrong?

Any Cifarelli mist sprayer, even those without the booster pump, must work with the spraying pipe in vertical position. The product goes out thanks to the pressure inside the liquid tank.

Please look at the following image: a part of the air generated by the fan is directed, through the black flexible hose A, inside the tank creating the necessary pressure that allows the product to exit even with the spraying pipe in vertical.

It is the pressure generated by the fan (obviously with the engine turned on…) that allows the liquid to reach the exit of the pipe. Without the pressure, for the principle of the communicating vases, the product would reach the same height of the liquid in the tank.

Let’s come back to our farmer with the mist sprayer that doesn’t work…

The first simply check to do is to verify that the red cap of the liquid tank is well closed; its insufficient closure in fact may cause a loss of pressure inside the tank.

Warning: the red cap has not a gasket (it should be quickly damaged by chemical products); the hermetic closing is guaranteed by the internal conical shape of the cap; when you close the tank, even if the cap seems to be closed, you have to tight ¼ of tour more.About the cap, please watch the video:

If the cap is well closed, verify that the black flexible hose A is correctly connected, at the bottom to the black elbow and at the top to the liquid tank (as shown in the circles). If the problem persists, open the red cap of the tank and remove the sieve.

Observe the transparent hose: it must be connected to the black cap at the bottom of the tank and, through the sieve, to the white bush under the red cap because if it is plunged into the liquid, it doesn’t create the necessary pressure on the surface. Furthermore, if it is disconnected from the black cap it would imply a leak in the spraying pipe.

When you check that the transparent hose is connected to the white bush under the red cap, verify that the white bush rotates freely; if it is blocked (because it is dirty or due to the presence of encrustations of residual of the chemical products), the transparent hose twists during the closing of the cap, obstructing the passage of the air. In this case, clean the bush very well until it turns freely. Verify that the two holes in the upper side of the hose are clean and not obstructed.

Before leaving you to your checks, I inform you that since august 2010, we have modified the bush under the cap.

This model is less “sensitive” to dirty and encrustations; this doesn’t mean however that you can forget to clean the tank…

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