The double liquid spherical outlet
Claudio Percivalle

The Cifarelli mist sprayer can be endowed with an accessory called “double liquid spherical outlet” that allows the exit of the liquid laterally in opposite directions, realizing the treatment of two rows of crops at the same time with an excellent level of micronization of the product dispensed (drops of small size and uniform).

Years ago I was making a demonstration in Bolivia and a farmer invited me to try the mist sprayer in its tomatoes crop: it was divided into narrow rows (no more of 40 centimeters between one row and the other) and the tomatoes were tall over 120 centimeters. During the test it was difficult to carry out the treatment because I could not move the throwing tube due to the narrow space. What to do? The solution could be to assemble the inclined grid but this one would not allow me to treat both rows at the same time.

Once back in Italy, I spoken with our technical and research department: there is the need for a spreader that makes the treatment in two opposite directions,  with a uniform cover created by droplets of small size (about 100 microns, 0.1 mm as it happens with the standard nozzle).

The result  of my colleagues  has been the liquid spherical outlet.

This accessory (not supplied as standard) allows a treatment  of two rows of crops with an uniform distribution of the droplets, with average size up to about 120 microns (practically the same cover got with the standard nozzle).

The useful range of treatment reaches 6 meters on both sides, therefore it is also very useful for the treatment of crops on the ground.

Once created and tested     the prototype, I returned to the field to the testes and some demonstrations, meeting the favor of our customers.  The double liquid spherical outlet is now available in our production (code 0G.274.00).

Claudio Percivalle

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