How to use a blower ?
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The blower has revolutionized the cleaning system of large open areas. In the past the cleaning of a large surface required a substantial cost of manpower (dozens of workers armed with brooms and rakes); the use of the blower has made this operation much more economical and efficient. An increasingly well-known machine but perhaps not everyone knows where it is used. In agriculture the blower is used to batch and quickly collect olives, chestnuts and nuts in general.

In the maintenance of gardens (private and public) the blower finds application in grouping leaves and residual of grass. In urban areas it facilitates the cleaning of paths and  sidewalks (normally the operator blows the leaves, mowing residues, paper etc. in the middle of the roadway where is transiting a sweeper), inaccessible places to self-propelled vehicles, parking areas, sports field and amusements parks. It is also successfully used for cleaning large areas at the end of sporting or cultural events.

With fresh and powder snow the blower is useful to create clean paths.

For many years the Cifarelli S.p.a. has been producing a professional knapsack blower. Our blowers are highly appreciated by professionals for the duration and the excellent power/weight ratio and good ergonomics.  All perfect therefore?

Not always. The portable blowers (all brands) are equipped with gas engine. It has detractors, primarily because of its noise level; although many people don’t know that most of the noise comes from the air in the fan rather than by the engine. Everyone likes to go out in the morning and see the streets clean, therefore the municipalities carry out the cleansing in the early morning (especially because there is less traffic and fewer people); then surely some of you may have been woke up by the noise of a blower and had mentally invited the operator to use its machine in  somewhere…Cifarelli S.p.a. has taken this aspect; in 2006 it created the blower BL6S, where “S” phentermine weight loss stands for silent. We studied an air circuit and a cooling system patented that greatly reduces the noise, and despite being equipped with a two-stroke engine, this allows to completely cover it with a noise-absorbing cover that considerably reduces the noise: 15 meters away the noise level is 64 dB. The particular circuit allows to avoid dispersions and work with good flow already with the engine idling. The exhaust gas, that in a normal knapsack blower are released into the environment at the height of about 1/1,2 meters, behind the operator, with the BL6S model are conveyed into the blowing tube and “diluted”, so you can also work among people without unpleasant emissions.

Our choice to produce backpack machines comes from our belief that they are more comfortable than handheld machines, for a professional who use them for many hours during the day. Our machines are equipped with different outlets for different purposes and terminals with support for the soil to alleviate the fatigue at the operator.

How to use a blower?

  • The knapsack blower is placed on shoulders, adjusting the length of the shoulder straps, so that the machine is well adherent to the back and shoulders.
  • At work, the accelerator must be adequate, in order to optimize the cleaning  with the minimum revolutions of the engine.
  • A lot of people associate the sound of the engine to the power, accelerating to the maximum. It is not necessary: leaves (or paper) must not be “thrown away” so scattered, but must be “accompanied” with small accelerations of the engine in order to amass them.
  • The powerful machines and the maximum number of revolutions are used to clean under the cars, with wet soil or with much material to be collected or to clean the snow.
  • The blower is optimized (also at the noise level) to be used with pipes provided by the factory, the use of different configurations could effects noise and performance.
  • To reduce dust, begin taking the terminal near the ground and then lift it to a height that just permits to blow the dirty (always as parallel as possible to the ground).

Finally, remember that the blower, often working in dusty areas, require a continuous maintenance of the filter. In the case of use in silicon areas to not damage the engine  use a suitable paper filter.

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