Cifarelli “flies” on Mars +
Michela Lugli

Born to encourage the development of innovation and entrepreneurship to support competitiveness of rural areas and tourism, Mars + a strategic plan designed for the Mediterranean area and the European Union which sees the Tuscany region as a leader in order to achieve the general objective and specific goals, is divided into six sub-projects and a system action.

Part of the macro-project Mars +, and placed in ‘Mars + mechanization Tuscany’, section organized in partnership with the University of Florence and focused on mountain crops located at altitudes exceeding 500 meters above sea but also with slopes greater than thirty percent, on May 25th was held the demo day on mechanization in olive-growing of the coastal province of Grosseto entitled ‘Management of soil, foliage, enhancement of crop byproducts and new machines’.

Part of a series, the field trials  wanted to offer to farmers, by carrying out practical tests, the opportunity to actively experience the innovative solutions proposed by the researchers with the participation of private companies belonging to the world of agricultural and mechanical components.

Identifying the promotion of mechanization processes in olivicole and viticultural areas difficult to access and terraced, as one of the possible solutions to their state of abandonment in strongly increasing because of increasingly low profit margins that discourage the generational change, the project tests and evaluates technical and technological solutions  by promoting pilot actions.


In doing so, will be opened a way for the introduction of mechanized work thus to facilitate the cultivation operations and make productions economically sustainable.

Within the Cifarelli range, researchers at the University of Florence, have identified as facilitators means of work and thus functional tools to achieve the project objectives, the SC800  olives shaker with combustion engine with regard to the operations of collection and the knapsack mistblower  M series equipped with air-cooled single-cylinder engine Cifarelli C7 3.6 kilowatts of power, for the plant health of defense. Its size – the tank has a capacity of 17 liters – the ease of use and the maximum range – 17 meters horizontally and 15 vertically – make it, in fact, a valuable ally.

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