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What you use when you need technical assistance or just a simple information?

Actually often the reply is ”internet”, a vehicle by which you can find “almost” every information; Cifarelli since the “public” diffusion of the net, profits by all the instruments available, to share instructions, videos, news about our company.

Lately we have put beside the traditional site the social networks:


Through these networks it is possible to follow our company’s activities and chat with us.

We remember you that our website: offers many useful services, the possibility to download advertising and technical material, high resolution photos , videos, to register the warranty form, to check spare parts tables, to send curricula, to verify job offers. Soon will be online the “mobile” version with a suitable layout for smartphone.

Beside, always in our website, by clicking on “Contacts” on the top on right, you have the opportunity to send us your technical and or commercial requests (for example, to know the address of a dealer in your area).

At last, Cifarelli has created this Blog, an instrument born as a communication channel for our customers or potentially ones, that furnishes instructions regarding the correct and satisfactory use of the machines.

Often someone contacts us through our website after reading a blog article (perhaps because some doubt raises …) to ask for more information.

This makes us happy; if initially were your questions that gave us the inspiration for the topics, now the published articles push the people to contact us.
The exchange of information is primary for us; frequently are the users of our machines who give us some ideas for modifications and improvements.

We invite all to follow us on various channels and to contact us for all your needs, we will make our best to give you our support.

Renato Cifarelli

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