What are the deviators for?
Claudio Percivalle

Inside the box of the Cifarelli mist sprayer there are two deflectors (round grids) of white plastic. Who knows what they do and how they are installed?

Obviously the “instructions and maintenance manual” included with the machine describes how to use these two accessories.

These two grids are contained in the spanner bag, that includes the manuals, the spark plug spanner and the nozzle to assemble on the throwing pipe: one is crossed by 45° inclined lines while the other one is formed by concentric circles.

The deflectors must be assembled on the wide spray jet (it has truncated cone form), that is used for the widen treatment (highlighted by the arrow).

What are they for?

In case you need to treat low bushes (for example pumpkins, vegetables, but also rice, etc.), in the lower part of the leaves, the 45° deflector is very useful;  suitably oriented, it generates a flow from the bottom to the top which allows to obtain a complete coverage in areas that sometimes are difficult to reach.

In addition, the grid can be positioned with vertical lists to carry out treatments laterally directed, such as in the vineyard.

The deflector for the attenuation of the air (the one with the concentric circles) is indicated for the treatment of crops with considerable inflorescence, flowers, etc…  that would be damaged by the speed of the air flow. The grid of attenuation cuts the air speed in order to allow the treatment without damaging the cultivation; it is particularly suitable for the using in greenhouses, precisely to avoid a great impact of air on the flowers. Using this accessory you should not accelerate the engine at maximum speed.

Of course, reducing a lot the speed of the air flow, also the distance reached during the treatment will  be much lower .

Claudio Percivalle

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