How the mist blower is made
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The agricultural mist blower is a tool used to spray a mixture of water (or oil) and phytosanitary products (active ingredient) and direct it on the crop to perform pesticides treatments (insecticides and fungicides), foliar fertilizer, and more. The Cifarelli’s mist blower is a backed machine, that is “worn” by the operator as a backpack; it is equipped with a two-stroke engine (1) that works with a mixture of petrol and oil 2T and that develops 5 HP of power, on whose shaft is assembled a fan (2).


The fan, rotating at a speed of about 7000 revolutions per minute (when the engine is at maximum acceleration), generates a large volume of air that is channeled into a tube from which exit at a high speed (about 400 km / h).

At the end of the tube (4) there is a nozzle (or at least on the Cifarelli’s mist blowers) whose particular form is designed to obtain the correct size of the sprayed drops; the nozzle is connected to a transparent plastic tube (5) coming from the liquid tank (3), where is contained the chemical mixture which serves for the treatment; when the product reaches the nozzle, it is invested by the flow of air that, due to its volume, to the great speed and to the shape of the nozzle, it sprays into uniform droplets of average size of 100 microns (about it please read the article Droplets diameter and treatment in our blog).

To dose the amount of product dispensed, the tube ends with a spreader, which, by turning, can be adjusted in one of the 9 different positions, varying the flow of 0.1 L / min to 3.5 L / min.


Bythe large volume of air and the speed of the output depends the reached distance; one of the advantages of the mist blower in phytosanitary treatments is that, thanks to the air that moves the leaves, the treatment take place on both surfaces.

A special feature of the Cifarelli’s mist blower is to perform treatments with the throwing tube in vertical position, without the aid of the booster pump, until the complete emptying of the liquid tank. The fan cover is connected a black hose (6) that sends air into the liquid tank; this tube is connected to another one made of transparent plastic that, through the sieve, it is connected to the lower part of the red cap; the pressure generated inside the tank pushes the liquid product to the nozzle on the spreader; about this, please read the article The liquid flow doesn’t exit in vertical position in our blog

On the throwing tube there is the command handle with the throttle, the on / off switch (for turning off the machine), the safety lever and the lever for the steady throttle; to the throttle, it is connected a valve for automatics opening and closing of the liquid flow rate: when the user accelerates, the valve opens the liquid flow, while when the engine is at idle speed (no acceleration), the valve automatically closes the flow.

The position and inclination of the handle can be adjusted without the use of any tool but simply lifting the lever shown in the picture in to the left side of the handle.


The Cifarelli’s mist blower has a large and curved backrest to fit the user’s back, with a padded cushion covered by cotton; also the shoulder straps are padded and covered by cotton, and their point of attack was studied in order to improve the center of gravity of the machine and weigh less on the user’s shoulders.


In the model M1200 the comfort of use and the high standard quality are integrated to provide the user with a professional machine from all points of view, awarded for these characteristics at EIMA 2012, the biennial international exhibition of machinery for ‘agriculture and gardening, which took place in Bologna.

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