How to use the filling pump?
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During the use of the knapsack mist blower, the operation which has to be executed most frequent is the filling of the liquid tank.
In fact, due to their characteristic of being knapsack machines, the capacity of the liquid tank must necessarily be contained to keep the machine within the limits of acceptable weight. If you wear the mist blower with a full tank alone,the operation is not confortable.
While if you are not alone, someone can fill the liquid tank while you are keeping the machine on the shoulders, perhaps you have to lower yourself a little … trusting that who is pouring the liquid take care don’t leak out and don’t run down along the back.
So how to do?
The mist blower Cifarelli can be equipped with a filling pump (the models have a PR included in the name).
With this accessory is possible to fill the liquid tank with the machine kept on the shoulders, alone and without risks of leakage of product (with a possible soil contamination).
To fill the liquid tank is enough to dip the aspiration hose in the container of the solution to use during the treatment, engage the pump and accelerate a little: the tank will begin to fill up and within about 45” will be completely ridge.
How to use the filling pump ?
The first time (at the first tank filling of the day) is necessary overflow the pump:

  • Close the liquid tap and remove the tank cap
  • Pour in the tank about one liter of product you are going to use.

Observe the picture on the left:

  • Remove the filter A from the top of the aspiration hose.
  • To eliminate the air present in the aspiration hose, push down the pin on the valve (in the top of the aspiration hose) lowering the valve from up to down, starting from the height of the tank (slightly higher than the shoulder) until there is no more air inside the hose.
  •  Assemble again the filter A on the valve.

Then proceed the filling with the machine on the shoulders:

  • Dip the aspiration hose in the container of the product.
  • Regulate with the accelerator the engine runs at medium speed.
  • In case your mist blower is endowed with a booster and filling pump (model PSRA) rotate the metal lever C downward (filling position). If your mist blower is a PRA model (only filling pump) the metal lever C is not  present.
  • Engage the pump by lowering the lever B with the knob.
  • Check when the liquid tank is going to be full and stop the pump.
  • When the filling is finished, close the valve with the black cap.

NB: never use the mist blower during the treatments with the pump engaged.

I invite you to watch the following video:

During treatments with the mist blower, pay attention not to flow out all the liquid contained in the tank, better you stop as soon as the flow from the throwing tube begins to be discontinuous: this will avoid introducing air in the circuit of the pump and having to overflow it again.

For the maintenance of the pump, please read the article “Cleaning the liquid tank” published the  06/04/2012.

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