Flooded engine: what to do?
Claudio Percivalle

Who has never happened to have starting problems due to a flooded engine?

The causes of the flooding of the engine may be different: technically the flooding means an accumulation of unburned mixture (in our case) inside the cylinder; this changes the ratio of fuel and air in the combustion chamber and consequently the detonation of the fuel is no more possible.

What to do?

To insist in starting procedure only provokes the contrary effect to flood more the engine (a greater accumulation of the mixture), getting tiring and nervous more and more.

In an engine with recoil starter, the reason could be the lack of force applied in starting operations (the rope has been pulled too weakly).

In the case that the starting operations are correct and the flood of the engine happens very often (or always), I recommend to address to one of our service center to solve the causes (problems with spark plug, carburetor, etc.).

But how to start a flooded  engine?

Of course I’m speaking to those who purchased a Cifarelli machine (even if the procedure is valid for all devices equipped with internal combustion engine).

  • Unscrew and remove spark plug with the supplied spark plug key (observe the article “spark plug maintenance”).
  • Wipe and dry the spark plug.
  • Verify that the choke lever is open (starting with a warm engine).
  • Pull the starting handle at least 20 times.
  • Mount the spark plug again.
  • Start the engine.

Now the engine should start …

In the case it continues to do caprices:

  • Unscrew and remove spark plug again.
  • Wipe and dry the spark plug.
  • Turn the engine upside-down in order to have the hole of the spark plug downwards.
  • Pull the starter handle at least 20 times and check if the fuel pours out from the spark plug hole.
  • Wipe and dry properly the area around the spark plug seat.
  • Assembly the spark plug and repeat starting procedure keeping the gas lever at max position and the choke lever open (starting with a warm engine).

Now the engine, if really flooded, should start.

Remember: the recurrence of this inconvenience reports a problem to be solved by qualified staff.

Claudio Percivalle

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