Early season maintenance
Claudio Percivalle

It’s almost spring and it’s time to take over the maintenance of green areas; soon, lawn mowers, brush cutters, blowers, mist sprayers, etc.. will begin to turn on

……if they turn on!

How many of you at the end of last season, have brought their own machine to the trusted service center, to take proper maintenance before the long winter hibernation?

If you have forgotten to do that, you still have time.

Like any engine, even your machine needs attention:

  • Air filter cleaning
  • Disassembling the carburetor, cleaning and replacement of membranes.
  • Check and replacement of the fuel filter.
  • Cleaning (decarbonisation) of piston and cylinder (ie, removal of  burnt oil residues from the piston head, from the sky and from the exhaust of the cylinder); this also depends on the quality of the oil used to prepare the mixture.
  • Check the tightness of screws and bolts.

By doing so, your car will be ready when you need it.

I was forgetting…

Next time go to the service in the fall, before storing your machine; in low season probably the mechanic will have more time to dedicate to maintenance of the engine and carry out the job calmly.

Claudio Percivalle

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