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Within 26th November 2016 the equipments for the application of phytosanitary products for professional use, which have been purchased before 26th November 2012 must be submitted to functional control by authorized test centers.

This control is due to the effect of the National Action Plan (published on the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic nĀ° 35 of 12/02/2014) transposing the Directive 2009/128/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a Community action to achieve a sustainable use of the phytosanitary products.

After 26th November, only the equipments that will comply the control can be employed for professional use.

This is what has been published by ENAMA (National Agency for Agricultural Mechanization).

For further information click on the link below:


The “backpack sprayers with engine and fan” are included, that is the backpack mist blowers produced by us.


For the machines purchased before 26th November 2012: within and not over than 26th November 2016.

The new equipment purchased after 26 November 2012: within five years from the date of their purchase.

How often?

The control frequency to which the machines have to be submitted is:

  • Five years till 31th December 2020,
  • Three years after this date.


To know the authorized testing centers in your area, please visit the Enama website with the national archive of the testing centers and qualified technicals.


Select “centers” at the top left.

Choose region and the province in the drop down menu to know the qualified centers.

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