Using the backpack blower in urban hygiene: the leaves collection
Rosalba Zagara

Each season presents adversity, and in Autumn, when the leaves are tinged with yellow and red and start to fall, maintenance workers in urban areas begin their work of removing leaves from the ground.

The methods used in this context are different: sweepers, vacuums, blowers and brooms. According to the accessibility of self-propelled vehicles to the areas to be cleaned, the choice may fall on one or the other.

In urban hygiene we make use of sweepers for street cleaning and, professional sidewalks operators, using blowers or brooms,  moving together to address the fallen leaves in the roadway. With the use of a good blower, the leaves that end up under the parked cars, can be easily removed; at the same time, free up the manholes covers that are clogged, obstructing the normal rainwater drainage.


The blower turns out to be the most appropriate and more practical tool to be used, even for the cleaning of gardens and pathways inaccessible to self-propelled vehicles. Compared to traditional uses (brooms, rakes) work appears to be up to twenty times faster, less tiring and without harming the lawn below; the leaves are blown and piled up, and later picked up or aspirated.

The blower is also used in combination with the brush cutter to pile up the freshly cut grass and twigs.

The ease of use and compactness of the blower, make it a needful tool in the maintenance of urban areas and green spaces. Choosing a suitable machine for its power, the air generated by the fan which is conveyed in the output tubes, will ensure in a short time an optimum cleaning of large surfaces.


There are various models of blower on the market: electric type, with battery or engine, which can be carried or worn on shoulders.

The choice of the correct type of machine is evaluated on the bases of the intensity of use, the surfaces to be treated and the working conditions that will happen to face. For professional use, it is still important to evaluate equipment with adequate power, able to develop high air volume and speed.

Our company produces two models of professional backpack blowers suitable for all uses described above:

  • the BL1200 with improved acoustic comfort thanks to the introduction of the new muffler, which produces a less metallic noise and a powerful 5 HP motor;
  • the BL6S soundproof blower (only 64 dB to 15 meters) with a flow rate of 20 m3/min.

On our website are listed all technical details and characteristics of the machines.

These tools are effective even in the presence of many wet leaves, thanks to the engine power. Being professional machines with the benefit to be worn on the shoulders, due to their comfort and ergonomics, are suitable for intensive use and long life.

For a proper use of the blower, I invite you to read our blog article “How to use the blower?

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