Stay away from imitations… the importance of original spare parts
Rosalba Zagara

Continued use of professional machines inevitably involves maintenance for optimum efficiency.

It is therefore of great importance to use original spare parts for repairs, we want to explain why.

Original spare parts ensure the same quality standards of the manufacturer’s specifications; Cifarelli spare parts are the same components that are used in the production lines, they have therefore the same peculiarities. Often the replacement also leads to an improvement for the continuous evolution of the characteristics of the components, thereby maintaining the original performance of the machine.

In the long term they are the most convenient choice. In fact, although often non-original spare parts have a reduced price, they do not give the certainty to maintain in the medium and long term the performance and durability of the machine, they could indeed cause damages.

Availability in a short time: in our company, the handling of spare parts and shipping warehouse is structured to ensure order fulfillment in the shortest time to avoid prolonged machine stops to users.

The use of non-original spare parts naturally leads to the total loss of the warranty, because the replaced part may damage the other.

For some components, there are also aspects of safety and pollution regulations; only the use of original spare parts, just because of equal quality to those used in production, ensures the conformity of the machines to European directives on safety and functionality.

In our website is active the service, accessible to everyone, which allows to consult the spare parts table of our machines.


You have purchased a product Cifarelli to have a professional quality machine, to buy original spare parts is the best way to confirm the choice you have made.

Rosalba Zagara

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