Air filter cleaning
Claudio Percivalle

A fundamental aspect of the engine is the air filter.

Here below I will show you a simple operation to effect  everytime you have finished using the machine; it will allow you to maintain efficient your engine and  save some money in the maintenance.

Every time you finish to work with your Cifarelli machine, take few minutes to clean the sponge air filter; after a working day, especially in dusty places, your filter is full of dust, chemical product (if the machine is a mist sprayer) and it really needs  a cleaning. You have to proceed as follows:

if your machine is a mist sprayer or a blower serie 3, you can  reach the filter by pressing the clamping button on the filter cap.

In case your machine is a shaker, unscrew the two screws of filter cap.

Take the filter (I assure you that I have seen some filters in much worse condition than this) and dip it  in a container of degreasing liquid (gasoline is very appropriate).

Squeeze very well the filter (I recommend to use gloves to do this operation); wipe it with a clean cloth; blow it with compressed air, if possible.

Now pour a little 2 strokes engine oil (the same oil used to prepare the mixture) on the external surface of the filter. Let it penetrate for few seconds;

Squeeze it in order to remove excess oil. The oil helps the filter to protect the engine from the dust but in the same time it allows the passage of air.

You can reassemble the filter and close the cap by clamping the fixing button in case of mist sprayer or blower serie 3, by screwing the two screw of cap for the shaker.

If your machine is a blower BL6S or a vacuum V77, it is equipped with a paper air filter   and a sponge pre-filter. Optionally the paper air filter can be fitted also on the mist sprayers and the blowers serie 3. In the blowers BL6S to reach the filter you can press one of two lateral buttons of the cap.

Execute the cleaning of the sponge  prefilter with gasoline and oil. Clean the paper filter beating it on a plane surface.

With air compressed, blow from the part of the metal net and among the fins following length direction.

Now your filter is ready to protect your engine from the impurities which may penetrate in the carburetor and room of burst, causing bigger fuel’s consumption , problems of carburetion and premature wear of the segments, piston and cylinder.

Naturally if the filter is too worn , change it; to replace a piston and a cylinder is much more expensive than an air filter, please remember it.

Claudio Percivalle

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