Accessories for M1200 mist blower
Rosalba Zagara

The M1200 mist blower is a professional instrument to carry out phytosanitary treatments in agriculture, gardening and pest control in urban hygiene.

It is a versatile machine to which you can apply different accessories to meet the various needs. One of our objectives was to provide many options applicable by the user easily even after the sale.

For example, have you ever had the need to use powder or granular product? Or to maintain the product constantly mixed in the tank?

The majority of the treatments are carried out by mixing water or mineral oils with a chemical that is the active principle. In the case that the product to be dispensed is in powder (ventilated sulfur) or granular (fertilizers), it is available the accessory powders to install on the mist blower;  this will allow you to perform a uniform treatment on crops and to precisely adjust the amount of product dispensed. On the matter, read our blog article.

If you are using a product that requires continuous mixing, the booster pump is for you because:

  • it keeps constantly mixed the solution inside the liquid tank;
  • it increases and stabilizes the output pressure of the product.


It is also available a filling pump that in addition to the above mentioned functions lets you to fill the liquid tank without removing the mist blower from the shoulders.

There is then a kit (code 0G.341.00) composed by three grids to install on the nozzle of the machine:


  • in the espalier crops the 45 °grid, diverting the output product, allows to operate while keeping the pipe straight . It is also effective in the treatments from the bottom upwards;
  • the circular grid is an accessory very useful in floriculture and treatments to crops in inflorescence, as it dampens the speed of the air and not damage flowers and leaves;
  • if you have to work on two rows at the same time, the double angle grid will help you to save time, by splitting in two directions the delivered flow.


You may not know that the mist blower can also be used as a blower (if equipped with a pump you must disassemble it or add at least one liter of water in the tank to avoid running dry), you can then use it in beekeeping for the removal of bees from supers during the honey collection.

With the beekeeping accessory, composed by a flexible hose 2 mt long and a “duck bill” diffuser which widens the outlet flow, you can optimally direct the air without causing damage to the bees.

All these accessories, sold separately, can be easily installed on the machine even after the purchase.

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